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Your Wellness is My Priority!!!

Fight Stress & Find Serenity with Mya

Featured Novel

The Little Girl Inside of Me describes encounters of both physical and sexual abuse endured by a little girl who searched for venues of escape; however, found herself restrained to her mother's abuse. This book overviews her thirst to be removed from her mother's home and her journey to reach healing for the little girl that harbors inside of her. This book is an excellent resource for recovery and encouragement to the abused child or adult.

Meet Mya

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Motivational Speaker, and Transformation Coach

My name is MyiShanka (Mya) McMillian, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Educator, and Transformation Coach. Like you, first and foremost, I am a human being with countless experiences that continue to shape life with beautiful highs and devastating lows. These extremes, coupled with my background in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, Entrepreneurship, Trauma, and Mindfulness allow me to challenge and guide clients while relating to their struggles.  With the use of counseling, I help clients recognize their inner strength, overcome obstacles, and develop a winning mindset.

Together we work hand in hand, to personalize a toolkit to achieve and sustain a sense of personal power, wholeness, and transformation. Next to counseling, I host mind-blowing wellness retreats, Empress Get Up Coaching Sessions, and write Life Changing e-books that give participants an opportunity press pause and set aside life’s obligations to receive healing, build new habits, and improve overall health. I am the proud mother of Zione & Ziah Oliver, who give me strength daily to tear down walls of success.

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Your ultimate source for Serenity, Mental Health, Personal, and Career Transformation.

What I Specialize In

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Social emotional learning (SEL)

  • Depression

  • Low Self-Esteem


  • Woman's Issues

  • Wellness Retreats

  • Phase of Life Problems for youth, children, and families

  • Career Counseling 

  • Burnout

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Startups

  • College Mental Health & Awareness

  • Substance Abuse

  • Prevention

  • Domestic Violence

  • Child Abuse

The Journey Towards Health

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

A Supportive Hug


"For years, I felt like I was living in a nightmare. The trauma I had experienced left me with severe anxiety and depression, and I felt like there was no way out. I was scared to talk about what had happened and didn't know where to turn for help.

But one day, I made the decision to seek therapy. Mya was patient and understanding, and helped me work through my trauma in a safe and supportive environment. I learned coping strategies and gained a better understanding of my mental health.

I want others who have experienced trauma to know that they are not alone. There is help and support available, and it's never too late to start your journey towards healing. It's okay to talk about your experiences, and seeking help is a sign of strength. I am proud of the progress I have made and grateful for the journey that has led me to where I am today."

- Paradise Tyler

"For a long time, I felt like I was trapped in my own head. My anxiety and depression controlled me and made every day a struggle. I was too ashamed to reach out for help and thought I could handle it on my own.

But that all changed when I started seeing a therapist. Mya helped me understand my mental health and gave me the tools to manage my symptoms. The therapy sessions were a safe space where I could talk about my struggles and receive support.

In addition to therapy, I also made lifestyle changes that have had a positive impact on my mental health. I started exercising, practicing mindfulness and meditation, and surrounding myself with positive and supportive people.

- Olivia Green

"Since my divorce, I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I was going through a difficult phase in my life, and it seemed like everything was falling apart. I was struggling with work, my relationships, and my own sense of self.

But one day, I realized that I needed to make a change. After running into multiple barriers seeking support from friends and family; I sought help from a therapist. Mya helped me understand my problems and gave me the tools to navigate them.

Through my work with Mya, I learned to set goals and prioritize self-care. I also learned how to communicate effectively and build stronger relationships. These changes have had a positive impact on all aspects of my life.

- Will Jackson

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